About Us

We are "Rocka Rolla" Rock Shop, located in the cultural capital of Ukraine, and the capital of Western Ukraine as a whole, the pearl of Galicia in Lviv, as well as in the city of Cossack glory, metallurgical, nuclear and space center of Ukraine, located on the largest river in Europe, the city of Dnipro. And in these cities, we proudly bring into the society of people Light and Darkness, Love and Hate, Good and Evil, and all that mad energy radiated by that great phenomenon, named among the mortal ROCK`N`ROLL. As well as Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal, Groove Metal, Punk Rock, Grunge, All Possible Core Directions, and more, all united under the big name "Rock Music"

And so, in front of you is a Rock Paraphernalia Store, which has 2 physical branches and 1 online store.

All rockers, bikers, metalworkers, punks, goths, and other representatives of informal sub-cultures will find a great number of interesting things for us. From clothing and accessories to jewelry, piercing jewelry, and all kinds of Rock souvenirs. Namely, we offer you high quality T-shirts, T-shirts, and hoodies with prints of your favorite rock bands, presented in a wide selection, and a huge range. Men's and women's boots, leather vests and boots for the strict lovers of fast riding, and heavy motorcycles. And no matter how cold your head is or getting a sunburst while driving fast, or long standing in the heat of rock concerts, we have caps and baseball caps decorated with rock band logos, as well as bandanas and Buffy's. For the winter we have prepared rocker hats for you in different styles.

Of course we did not forget about our wonderful ladies. For them, we have tunics, mantles, and dresses, leggings, and leggings, as well as T-shirts for women, which emphasize their femininity and sexuality. And of course jewelry. Rings and earrings, rings and pendants. Made of stainless steel, copper, and copper, and custom made and made of silver (among which there are many custom made models exclusively for our stores) All in all, that will emphasize individuality and add a special charm to a real Black Lady.

We also have stripes of various sizes, cups and mugs, posters and stickers, leather bracelets, wristbands and bracelets. Chains for trousers, handbags and backpacks. The bags and backpacks themselves (again, many of which you can find only here) And another great choice of leather goods. Belts, gloves, wallets, and covers for documents (I mentioned the exclusive product from our store))) And a huge selection of jewelry for piercing.

We have tickets for all rock events that take place in Ukraine and some beyond.

You can find all this in our shops in Lviv and Dnipro, or order it right now on this site without breaking away from a cup of coffee, tea, or whiskey, listening to your favorite music, a computer game, or what you are busy there) we will deliver it anywhere in Ukraine, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

Listen to the right music, ride motorcycles, enjoy life! Everything will be ROCK`N`ROLL !!!!!